Michael London

Michael London is one of the most versatile DJs on the scene right now. There is no party this open format DJ can't handle. Born in New York and raised in Orlando Florida, Michael London was able to learn music from the north and south. At the age of 11, Michael London was given his first set of turntables where he spent countless hours perfecting his craft. His first party was at the age of 13. By the time he started high school, Michael London was already a respected DJ in the community. DJing local parties and teen nightclubs, Michael London perfected "rocking the crowd." By the age of 17, Michael London had the number 2 show on the Internet/pirate station called 95live in Orlando FL. With thousands of listeners tuning in every Saturday he began to break records. By the age of 20, Michael London started DJing for NBA player Dennis Scott as his official record label and club DJ. DJing four nights a week and 1000+ venues, Michael London learned how to control large crowds with music. At the age of 22, Michael London moved to New York to further his DJing career. With the hustle and bustle of New York Michael London had to quickly adapt to the competitive market. Michael London wanted to stand out so he started producing his own mash-ups of known songs at the time, his idea worked because he was bringing something new to the New York scene. He combined sounds from the north and south. Michael London was able to get residences three nights a week. Michael London eventually moved back to Orlando after an amazing 10 year run in New York nightlife. When Michael London moved he quickly gained a residency in Orlando's biggest venue two nights a week plan open format from hip-hop, Latin, EDM, rock, and mash-ups. This is where he was able to take over the city. Realizing just being in Orlando wasn't enough Michael Landon started moving down south to West Palm. Seeing an open market Michael London quickly jumped on the opportunity. Michael London wants to start traveling the world to bring love and life through music one song at a time.


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